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Technical services




  • Architectural design of Trulli, Lamie, farms, cottages, villas, houses, fashion model and study of environmental materials
  • Planning for civil and industrial
  • Civil and industrial design
  • Structural calculations and geotechnical
  • Work Management
  • Safety in Shipyards Legislative Decree 81/08 (CSP, CSE, safety plans, POS, PIMUS, etc..)
  • Surveys, pilings, land registry of all kinds
  • Appraisals and estimation techniques
  • Advice to companies with technical management, accounting, occupational safety practices of all kinds such as wills, deeds, transfers, connections, etc.. L.10: Report of calculation, energy qualification, energy certification




  • Purchase of land, villas, trulli, Jamie, cottages, houses
  • Location of property
  • Exchanges
  • Estimates
  • Consulting Financial data
  • Achievements




  • Restoration of Trulli, Lamie, cottages, farms, houses typical
  • Construction from scratch of Trulli, Lamie, cottages, farms, houses with traditional techniques and materials
  • Construction of villas
  • Construction of swimming pools
  • Production of all kinds such as stone walls, fences, excavations, wells, plumbing and electrical fixtures craft, stone floors, concrete floors, grounds maintenance


We realize with TURNKEY or OPEN FORMULA contracts, you outsource the design, construction supervision from time to time, we suggest that the artisan and / or the provider that's right for you!



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